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Noxor Platinum and Androx Extreme

Sports Nutrition

  • £8800

Noxor Platinum Edition


Androx Extreme

Noxor Platinum is a nitric oxide booster formula designed to be used alongside a good training programme, this product helps in enhancing blood flow into the muscles therefore providing a better more purposeful workout. This product use scientifically proven ingredients to enhance your workouts, boost recovery, deliver extra energy and drastically enhance muscle development.


Androx Extreme is a Testosterone booster like no other which helps the body to effective burn fat while holding onto muscle. The benefits of increasing testosterone levels are imperative to creating a body you have always wanted.


For best results these products should be cycled together and run for 3 months on followed by 1 month off. Fantastic results have been seen in far quicker timeframes.


As with any sporting supplement a good quality training regime and diet plan should also be used alongside.


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