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Ciavil(60 Capsules) Newest male boost with PDE-5 inhibitor

Ciavil(60 Capsules) Newest male boost with PDE-5 inhibitor

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Erectile and performance problems?

If you can not satisfy your partner satisfactorily due to erectile dysfunction or "too early", you are not alone!

Over 52% of men are struggling with these problems.

The new meaning of force!

Whether you want to improve your muscles and muscle strength, or your stamina and performance in general, we know that you get to the limit of resilience day by day to get a step closer to your goal. Whatever your ultimate goal, you deserve the right fuel before training to get the maximum out of it.

82% of the problems can be solved!

Supply of important nutrients and messengers is the most frequent cause of non-hard erections and too fast orgasms.

By stimulating nutrients and improving the blood flow to the genitals, the problems can be improved in over 3/4 of the patients.

Libido: Statistically proven: 86% improvement

Our study shows that cibavil completely changed the sex life in 86% of subjects after 60 days. The effect is clearly noticeable after only 4 weeks.

  • Sexual Performance: 82%
  • Erectile Dysfunction: 86%
  • Seed production: 86%
  • Improved orgasm: 85%

Muscle growth: the drug combination delivers the results

Testosterone acts not only on the libido of the body but also, of course, also strongly on the muscle formation. Our customers show how good Ciavil works. These results were seen by selected customers after only 4 weeks of application:

  • Improves muscle definition visibly by up to 52%
  • Reduces fatigue by up to 35%
  • Increases endurance by up to 42%

Thanks to the tribulus active complex, Ciavil is one of the
most popular products when it comes to libido enhancement and muscle building.

More than 10,000 customers trust Ciavil.

This is how Ciavil works

Ciavil works by raising the testosterone level in the body naturally. This is done by increasing the LH hormone with which the body forms the testosterone. The main ingredient of the effect is a substance called Tribulus Terrestris , which has successfully raised the testosterone level in several clinical trials.

By combining with zinc and aspartic acid (a body-borne acid) the effect of the LH-hormone is greatly increased.

Compared to a placebo drug, Ciavil was able to raise the testosterone level in the blood by more than 40%.

The signs of testosterone deficiency

Less desire for sex
The older a man becomes, the lower his testosterone level (the man's hormone). This leads to fewer sex demands.

Less erections with lower hardness
The "latte in the morning" becomes less frequent and the erections are not as hard as in a young age. Spontaneous erections are not as frequent as before.

More stomach fat
Little testosterone leads not only to fewer muscles, it also leads to more fat build-up. Studies even show that abdominal fat produces female growth hormone (estrogen), which strengthens the testosterone deficiency.

Tiredness & lack of drive
Do you often lack the motivation to get up? If you get tired and tired despite a night sleep, this can be a serious sign of missing testosterone.

Hair loss & thinning hair
Testosterone regulates among other things the growth of head and body hair. Light-thinning hair can be a first sign of low testosterone.

If you are older than 30 years ...
and some of these symptoms, you might be suffering from testosterone deficiency. An increase in the testosterone level improves 3/4 of the symptoms.

research results

Studies to increase the testosterone level (male hormone) by Tribulus terrestris show that one treatment in men increases the testosterone level by 41%.

The LH value of the test persons could even be increased by 72% .

As a side effect, an increase in the sperm could also be observed.

Ingredients of Ciavil

By combining these active ingredients in a form readily accessible to the body, great results can be obtained.
All our active ingredients are of the highest quality and their effect scientifically proven.

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA)

This amino acid and neurotransmitter stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), which greatly increases testosterone production in the body.

In a study with 23 to 37-year-old men an increase of the testosterone value of 42% could be measured
after that D-AA. If one considers that a man loses an average of 1% of his testosterone per year of life, 42 years of testosterone deficiency were recorded in only 14 days!

In another study, men were given D-AA for 90 days. The results showed a 30% to 60% increase in serum testosterone and increased sperm motility and mass by 50% to 100%.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a spiny plant which has been used for centuries by primitive peoples as an aprhodizing and libidose species. The highly dosed extract used in Ciavil does not affect the testosterone production of the body but improves erections and the sexual performance strongly.

For example, it has been demonstrated in various experiments such as the intake of highly dosed tribulus, which improves the ability to erect, the duration and the hardness several times. In addition, a strong increase in sales was recorded. Therefore, Tribulus Terrestris is an excellent natural libidobooster.

Vitamin B6

Before the body can produce testosterone, it produces an androgenic hormone that is used as a precursor of testosterone. Vitamin B6 stimulates the androgen receptors and signals the body to produce more testosterone. In laboratory trials, a low vitamin B6 diet has shown a deterioration of 74.5% of testosterone levels.

Vitamin B6 also increases the body's absorption capacity for magnesium and zinc, which is essential for the production of testosterone.


Zinc deficiency is widespread throughout the world as our eating habits have drastically changed over the last decades. If the body does not have zinc, the brain pendulum can not produce enough luteinizing hormone and thus prevents the production of testosterone.

In one study, zinc could double the testosterone level in men's blood in just 6 months. In the same study the zinc intake was restricted in other men. Within 20 weeks the testosterone levels fell by 73%.

Zinc can not be produced by the body itself, so it must be supplied from the outside. Zinc deficiency is widespread due to our today's diet. In addition, one man loses an average of 5 mg of zinc per ejaculation!


Approximately 60% of our testosterone is linked to a sex hormone (SHBG), which means that testosterone is not freely available to our bodies. Magnesium lowers the SHBG level and increases the amount of freely available testosterone. Only "free" unbound testosterone has a positive effect on the male potency.

This effect was demonstrated in a large experiment at Selcuk University, where several athletes took magnesium for 4 weeks. The group who had taken a placebo could not see a testosterone increase in contrast to the group of magnesium administered.

Over 10,000 satisfied customers!

Ciavil was recommended to me by a friend of the bodybuilder. After 2 months, I can say that physical work (sex is also a part of it;)) falls much easier and I have more persistence but also more power.

The product I have grown because of my growing hair and have been enthusiastically for several months. The price is reasonable compared to other products and justified by the good effect. Testosterone that has been released seems to have really been the trigger of my hair problems.

Force training in combination with Ciavil have had a great effect on my body after 3 months of use. Especially my stubborn belly fat under which I suffered for years has been greatly reduced in only a few weeks. Of course, I will go on until the abdominal muscles visible. Thank you!

I ordered Ciavil to build my muscles and was able to build 2.2 kilos of muscle within 8 weeks. The "pump" during training is much higher and I need less regeneration times between the sets.

Ciavil was recommended to me by a friend of the bodybuilder. After 2 months, I can say that physical work (sex is also a part of it;)) falls much easier and I have more persistence but also more power.

Ciavil has improved my life very much to the positive. Since I was born, I can stay longer in bed and other sporting activities are easier for me.

After my 40th birthday my physical performance deteriorated. In professional life, this has not been very evident, thanks to office work. However in the love life all the more which led to different problems. Meanwhile, I am at my third pack of Ciavil, and after 2.5 months of ingestion can confirm that the sexual performance improves greatly. I do not want to miss it anymore!

My wife complained about my return to love life and ordered me to go to Ciavil. After initial skepticism, I am now completely satisfied. Desires as well as erections have greatly improved for a month. My wife is happy ... and I am also!