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Max Robust Xtreme & Musculus X

Max Robust Xtreme & Musculus X

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We look into a new supplement that is taking the market by storm. It seems to burn fat and build muscle. It also appears – according to several studies – to increase both testosterone and energy. Will it stay legal? It's hard to say given the extensive media coverage and incredible results.

(MHL) - Recently people have been writing to us about a new product that burns fat and builds muscle in less than four weeks. Celebrities claim to have bulked up and lost weight using it. Melting away fat, building muscle and having more energy seem very possible with this product. This article explains its inner workings and how it could help you get the body you've always wanted. Getting in shape can be very hard, as we well know. We've seen so many ineffective weight loss and muscle building programs. Most require you to do unlikely things. They may stress carbohydrates, or eating nothing but protein. It doesn't matter – whatever it is they will want you to do, you won't do it. You aren't going to change your life forever. But this product seems to be able to help without you going on a crazy diet.

Build Muscle While Also Breaking Down Fat – According To Personal Trainers. It May Be Better Than Steroids – Without The Health Risk!

We are discussing Max Robust Xtreme. There's a good chance you've seen this discussed on the telly as a completely safe and effective way to lose weight while building rock solid muscle. It's been called the "secret to success". Celebs and body builders across the world have tried it – and their results have been spectacular. If you want to build a celebrity body without the side effects of steroids, it is for you. This special report will explain why you should consider using Max Robust Xtreme.

Max Robust Xtreme is used by Hollywood stars to burn fat and increase muscle mass at the same time. to lose extra body fat and built muscle simultaneously.

Filled with antioxidants and other natural ingredients that can turn you into a muscle machine, Max Robust Xtreme is very powerful. Want to know more? We understand. In fact, when we first heard about it we were dubious about its claims to build muscle and reduce fat.

Yet people kept contacting us about Max Robust Xtreme , so we decided to take a closer look. The thing that really intrigued us was that people said they were able to bulk up and lose weight without making substantial changes to their diet.

Adrian Brower from Leeds claims that he lost two stone in fat and gained one of muscle in just six weeks while using Max Robust Xtreme. He posted that:

"It was so simple. I didn't have to make changes to my lifestyle at all. I took two capsules a day and the fat just went away. I became much slimmer without thinking about it. I gained muscles I hadn't dreamed of. I even have six-pack abs. The ladies are going crazy for me!"

We at Muscle & Health Life decided we had to put it to the test. I was prepping for a competition, so I volunteered. I went to Max Robust Xtreme and ordered their trial package. While there are other places I could have ordered from, it seemed by far the most trustworthy. Other sites tended to offer less of the effective ingredients at a higher cost. This site seemed to have the highest concentration as the best price point. The other editors at Muscle & Health Life agreed. Their shipping cost was also low, and the product arrived from Max Robust Xtreme a few days after I placed my order.

When it arrived I was ready to give Max Robust Xtreme a try. Given its high concentration of effective ingredients, we knew that it was the best alternative for our test.

Max Robust Xtreme Claims That Clinical Studies Show It Can:

  1. Cause up to 86% fat loss and 76% percent muscle gain
  2. Lower body fat
  3. Slash your workout recovery time in half
  4. Boost your endurance
  5. Build up energy levels
  6. Ramp up your protein synthesis
  7. Not give you that steroid "puffy look"

We had our doubts. But we wanted to be fair and see if it could match its claims.

Here's My Result —1.07 Stone Lost In Just Four Weeks!

1st WEEK:

I was really impressed with how fast it seemed to work. I had a lot more energy and my appetite was reduced. That's a great side effect of Max Robust Xtreme – it makes you want to eat less. I hadn't changed anything else about my daily life, but I felt better. I have a new scale that can measure body fat and muscle mass. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had half a stone more in muscle mass. I was still doubtful, however. Whenever you try a new muscle building system it's generally accepted that in the first week you lose a lot of water weight, allowing muscles to show more easily. For the proof I had to see if I could continue to build muscle while losing weight. On the upside, I weighed less than 13.5 stone for the first time in years.

2nd WEEK:

Two weeks in I had more energy than before and was sleeping great. My body wasn't keeping me up at night because it was in pain. Because of the product's detoxifying properties, I could relax and get a good lie in. Better still, my scale showed me I'd lost a solid stone in fat. Washboard abs started to appear. My girlfriend was really into it!

This is when I started thinking the product might actually work.

3rd WEEK:

Three weeks was what it took to make me a convert. Almost two stone in fat had disappeared and I'd gained more than a stone in muscle mass. I finally had washboard abs. And the fat on my sides had melted away. Max Robust Xtreme is the real thing. I had built proper muscles and lost a great deal of fat. The real proof was that I had a lot of energy. Most diets make you feel weak around week 3. This didn't. If anything my energy was greatly increased. I was digesting food better – and didn't suffer from embarrassing gas. I was ready to do anything at any time.

4th WEEK:

Four weeks in – and the end of our trial – and I was amazed at the results. I had gained almost two stone in muscle mass and lost two stone in fat. All because of Max Robust Xtreme. The blokes at the office were gagging for me to let them try it. For me, I was ready for the fitness competition. I'm going to keep using Max Robust Xtreme because it works. I've also noticed that my muscle memory is better, and it has helped me remain slim.

“I cannot recommend this product enough. In just a month I gained almost two stone in muscle mass. There was no odd diet or increase in the amount I worked out.”

Test Result: , After looking at the results we were convinced. It helped me build muscle mass while losing weight. We performed our investigation and are happy to report that it really works.

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