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Testoboost & Muscle Xtreme

Supplements Sanctuary

  • £6500

TestoBoost is useful for anyone who wants to naturally increase their testosterone levels in order to increase muscle mass and strength and boost sex drive. It’s also useful for those who have lower than normal endogenous testosterone levels whether due to age, overtraining, stress, sickness, or even while on or after the use of anabolic steroids and prohormones.

TestoBoost contains a unique formulation that will:

         Increase natural testosterone levels

         Enhances prostate health in men

         Increase libido and sex drive in both men and women

         Can provide a potent anabolic effect

         Help to Decrease body fat

Muscle Xtreme is the second product int this stack which is designed to support muscle growth. Increases in strength, endurance and muscle size are most commonly experienced with this product.

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